Info about legal dictionary

Legal dictionary is an information and analytical resource that shows the diversity and features of modern terminology of the Belarusian legislation. Dictionary contains legal terms in Belarusian, Russian and English, which are connected by thematic (associative) connections. In the lexical array of the dictionary, normative definitions of terms are presented from legislative acts.

The purpose of this resource is to solve problems of holistic representation of the terminological array of legislation, expanding the possibilities of analytical work with terminology and also one of the purpose is to assist state bodies and other organizations in the implementation of norm-setting and law-enforcement activities. Legal dictionary can be used by academics and practicing lawyers in their professional activities, also can be used by all those who are interested in the problems of legal terminology.

Info about using of legal dictionary

At first, to start working with the lexical array of the dictionary, you should determine the language which will be used to search for the term. The required interface language is selected from the drop-down list located in the upper right corner of the resource page.

It is also necessary to determine the array of terms in which the data information will be searched. For this, in the drop-down list located in front of the search field, you should select corresponding ”All“, ”Active“ and ”Inactive“.

The search for terms in the dictionary is possible through:

  • typing a part of the word or the whole word in the search box (”Enter a term“) located on the main page of the resource, and pressing the button; ;

  • choosing with one click of the left mouse button of a term, which you want to find from the list of terms, located on the main page. Search can be performed either through the entire lexical array, selecting the tab ”All“, or by the list of terms for a certain letter from ”A“ to ”Z“.

Moving through the list of found terms, with a single click of the left mouse button you can select the desired term, as a result, you will be taken to a card in which all its information data.

Dictionary term card contains:

  • name of term in Belarusian, Russian and English;

  • normative definitions of the term (if they are available in legislative acts);

  • associative links of the term, forming its terminological system, in the form of hyperlinks with the possibility of transitions to the cards of these terms;

  • when you click the button ”Back to search“, you go to the previous page of the resource with the previously saved search result. To return to the previous page of resource and back, you can also use arrows ”left“ (backward, the previous page) and ”right“ (forward, next page) located in the menu of your browser;

  • the ”Report a mistaker“ button, through which you can notify the specialists about inaccuracies or errors in the translation of the term.

For sending suggestions for improving the quality of the presented legal dictionary, as well as in case of any inaccuracies or errors in the terminology, please fill out a special form by clicking on the ”Suggestions and comments“ button.